Gill Turnerrelate c.c., Dip. PST, MBACP accredited, MATSAC


Relationships - Compulsive Behaviours - Supervision

About Me

I am an accredited member of the BACP (professional body) and I have over 20 years experience in relationship counselling with couples, individuals, young people and families. I am also a psychosexual therapist working with sexual dysfunctions and in particular with compulsive sexual behaviour. I offer a complete service in relationship counselling in a private and confidential setting. My therapeutic approaches are: Systemic, Psychodynamic, Person Centered, Attachment and CBT.


Counselling Services

Couple Counselling

Relationships breakdown for many reasons and counselling gives couples an opportunity to review their relationship and make adjustments. If damage has been done to a relationship (affairs etc) counselling can offer a safe place to process difficult emotions and move forward with a stronger relationship. When both parties in a relationship are prepared to change and develop, the relationship will improve. I offer awareness and understanding to enable the couple to make changes.

Young Peoples Counselling

Young people struggle when there are changes made in their family and at these times quite often adults are caught up in their own emotional pain and do not have the capacity to give their children the support they need.
Counselling can offer a safe place for young people to explore their emotions and heal.

Family Counselling

When a relationship between two generations becomes difficult they need help to understand the situation from everyone's perspective, counselling offers an opportunity to do this.

Awareness and understanding of how families work, what roles people play and what expectations there are, can make positive changes to a family system.

Psychosexual Therapy

Sexual dysfunctions that are created and maintained by psychological issues can be helped with a behavioural programme. This programme consists of a detailed assessment and assignment of tasks in the privacy of your own home, designed to overcome dysfunctions such as:

  • Vaginismus
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Ejaculatory dysfunction
  • Orgasmic dysfunction

Compulsive Behaviour (sexual addiction)

More and more clients are presenting with sexual dysfunctions brought on and maintained by sexually addictive behaviour such as compulsive use of pornography and other forms of sexual behaviour.
I work with individuals who have compulsive tendencies, their partners and the couple. It is important to understand why these behaviours develop and what purpose they serve as well as finding alternative coping strategies but the important work is the impact on the couple.

Private Supervision

I have been supervising counsellors and therapists for thirteen years and I offer a flexible supervision practice. My therapeutic approaches are: Systemic, Psychodynamic, Person Centered, Attachment and CBT.


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